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BIM-CHILE is the most modern Chilean New Technology-Based Company (NEBTs). Its mission is the right implementation of BIM technologies (Building Information Modeling) in the US and LatinAmerica AEC Industry. Its team are famous academics and practitioners. They cover different aspects of BIM: consulting, training, research and conferences. The most important Chilean institutions and customers such as MOP-Ministerio de Obras Públicas (Ministry of Public Works), AEC BIM/CAD software companies and Universidad Catolica de Chile trusted the company for BIM services and training.

We are AIA (American Institute of Architects) since 2016, first chilean office that became a member. Also AOA (Asociacion de Oficinas de Arquitectura) members since 2015.

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Prácticas de Arquitectura

Prácticas de Arquitectura es una plataforma digital que fortalece los nexos entre Estudiantes y Oficinas de Arquitectura, permitiendo que los estudiantes encuentren su práctica ideal.

A través de Prácticas de Arquitectura, los futuros arquitectos podrán conocer y vincularse con las mejores Oficinas e Instituciones donde realizar su práctica profesional.